Styx Again (Necktar 2017 vol. 7, free download)

A new track, Styx Again, is available in the 7th volume of Compilation Necktar 2007 whose theme is “Death / Transmission / Life : Mythos.”

Etincelle was improvised and recorded during the latest Helyptronics session in august 2014 – more material from these sessions will be published soon…


La Nébuleuse Autophage (Sirona Records, free download)

Helyptronic’s first album is out on the Sirona Records netlabel. La Nébuleuse Autophage was improvised summer 2012 in Mescalibur’s Studio.

nebuleuse autophage sep 2013a

Classwar Karaoke – 0025 Survey

Helyptronics have a new  track called Cartilage Twist  on the 25th survey of Classwar Karaoke, available for free download as usual

Classwar Karaoke – 0024 Survey

Helyptronics have one track:  bats in the pipeline on the 24th survey of Classwar Karaoke – hours of amazing experimental sounds available for free download here 

Before Helyptronics

Helyptronics is the freshly found name of the duo of Mescalibur & Kecap Tuyul, who have been regularly collaborating in various occasions (live, mail collaborations, in duo or with other people) since 2010.

They have already published 2 albums of their duos of improvised music:

Lagrange’sessions vol 2 on eg0cide productions

Free download (click on the picture):

Live on Sadayatana 08.04.12 on Buddhist on Fire

Free download (click on the picture):